Product Showcase 2014 - Relation

9 October 9, 2014, the company Fireworks Europe Innovation MANUFACTURER BRANDS GAOO and Kasak EXTREME, organized third presentation in the Palace of Ostromecko

During the meeting, we presented pyrotechnics available in season 2014: BRANDS launchers GAOO Kat.2 and category 3, caliber from 20 to 50mm and rocket BRANDS Kasak EXTREME Kat.2 and category 3, from 30 to 80g of powder. For our clients we have prepared well-known products from previous seasons, modified launchers and news that distinguish our brands HERE

As every year, we presented also the latest catalog in paper form.

At the meeting, the industry was present dozens of companies from across the Polish and several foreign companies. Thank you for your presence!


Fireworks Innovation Team Europe Ltd.