Our brands

We base our production on 8 brands.



Quality first

So far, we have created eight product lines: GAOO, KASAK EXTREME, HAMMER, GAOO SPECTRUM, ACHTUNG, KRACHMEN, BOMBER and HOOT. Diverse range of products allows us to adapt to the requirements of even the most demanding customers, but we are especially proud of the GAOO brand. The flagship products, which are pyrotechnic materials from the GAOO series, provide breathtaking light shows at an adequate price.



Nature friendly products

Care for the environment, quality and safety are the goals that guided the creation of the Gaoo Spectrum brand and its product line.

A unique, first of its kind in Europe, innovative formula that significantly reduces the adverse impact of pyrotechnics on the environment, which was developed by a team of Polish researchers led by prof. zv. dr hab. Lipkowski, a world authority in the field of physicochemistry.
The use of a special sorption material binds harmful heavy metal ions, which significantly reduces the amount of harmful substances that penetrate into the soil.

The highest quality and attractiveness of traditional fireworks combined with innovation in the field of ecology is a guarantee of safety and world-class pyrotechnic effects.

Certified product, patented in 27 EU countries and Switzerland.



Crackers F2 / F3**

Firecrackers are small products designed primarily to produce a large amount of noise, especially in the form of a loud bang, usually for celebration or entertainment; any visual effect in the case of firecrackers is accidental and unnecessary - we don't want to see any effects accompanying firecracker explosions - we want noise and a loud bang, and Achtung firecrackers provide us with that!!!



The details determine the final result

For special occasions, we have prepared Premium launchers sold under the KASAK EXTREME brand. This brand includes the highest quality pyrotechnic materials that create intense colors, greater flickering, and the whole effect lasts long in the sky. We offer you extensive and spatial patterns that can create truly unique visual spectacles in the sky.



First Line Crackers

Krachmen firecrackers are well known and liked by our customers. They were created with the mission of making noise and they fulfil their function perfectly - they make a lot of noise, and that's what it's all about!

Firecrackers are small tubes of powder wrapped in paper with a fuse; when ignited, they make a loud bang. Traditionally, they come in bright colours and can come singly or in large strings of crackers.
The intensity, volume and boom vary depending on the size of the firecracker and the type of gunpowder, but they have the same effect………they make noise!!



If you focus on acoustics? hammer is something for you!

In 2016, we introduced HAMMER products, which main task is to provide unforgettable sound effects. The name of this series is not accidental. It comes from the sounds (explosions and bangs) that accompany all products in this line. You will not find here extensive lighting effects in the sky. However, the sound effects that are provided by HAMMER fireworks will be remembered by your customers for a long time.



Funny Firecrackers

Why do we like loud firecrackers? Fireworks scare us - that's why we love them.

Our brain enjoys fear, but only in small, controlled doses. The fear caused by fireworks is controlled. After firing a firecracker, our brain anticipate the bang that follows when the fuse burns out.

A firecracker blast activates the amygdala, a small ball of nerves in the brain that detects fear. After the lights stimulate the anticipation of danger, the loud crackle of the fireworks confirms this perception in our brains. In response, our reward centres release a surge of dopamine, a chemical that regulates pleasure.

The Bomber brand of firecrackers was created for one purpose - to give you pleasure and bring a smile to your face. Some tension 😅, anticipation 😯, explosion 🧨 and…..BOMBER 💣 💣 😈 😈 😈



Products with Whistle and Bang

The new line of HOOT products includes launchers and firecrackers with a whistle and bang effect.

These products are designed to enhance the sound effects of fireworks displays. You will not find anything better as an addition to your next garden party, party with friends, wedding, before going out. You will certainly not be disappointed by the show boosted by the sounds of whistles and bangs, and your guests or viewers of the show will not be able to take their eyes off it - it's a real feast for the senses!